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Balance and Harmony, located in Peoria, Illinois, offers you space for healing. Owner Becky Cobb is a certified reflexologist and vibrational healer who offers a selection of healing modalities to help you release old emotional patterns and improve your physical health.

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Becky Cobb of Balance and Harmony reflexology sessionAbout Becky Cobb, owner

She is a Board Certified Reflexologist whose passion is incorporating holistic practices into our daily lives to keep us healthy and help our bodies return to a state of maximum health. She also incorporates essential oils, crystals, herbs, Reiki and Tibetan Singing Bowls into her healing practice.

Before discovering reflexology, Becky Cobb earned a masters degree in Health Sciences and has spent 30 years working with families in the areas of child abuse and neglect, substance abuse prevention, and foster care. She most recently spent 16 years as the Training Coordinator at Catholic Charities but left the child welfare field to follow her passion.

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How Becky Cobb Ended Up “Here”

Becky Cobb has been interested in spirituality and the metaphysical field since high school. In high school physics class she built a replica of an Egyptian pyramid and put a razor blade inside to see if it would regenerate and become sharper. It did. She wrote her senior year term paper on Taoism. She went to college with the idea of studying parapsychology and eventually studying in Russia. However in rural America in the 70’s that dream did not get a lot of support. She did major in psychology but also had a strong interest in nutrition fueled by living with a vegetarian her senior year. While living in Macomb Illinois and raising her two children she worked on a Master’s Degrees in Counseling and for 12 years counseled families who were experiencing abuse and neglect in their lives. This led her back to school and a Masters Degree in Health Sciences as way to do prevention work leading to a job as a drug and alcohol prevention specialist for another 8 years. During this time she studied nutrition and Native American Traditions, followed by an interest in herbs and then essential oils.

Finally her daughter graduated from high school in 1996 and she could leave rural Illinois for the “big” city of Peoria.The fall of that year, she met a group of people who were doing reiki and her life was transformed. Becky started to learn about crystals, numerology and feng shui. When a teacher was not present, as was often the case in Central Illinois, she bought every book she could find and thus accumulated a library of 100 books on feng shui not to mention every other subject related to health, healing and spirituality. Feng Shui really caught her attention and she started Balance and Harmony offering Feng Shui consultations and classes. And while Feng Shui is amazing, her real passion is working directly with people.

So the question was how to get people to her door who were interested in improving their health and being pro-active about self care. Reflexology fit the bill and finally there was an actual teacher available. Becky became a certified reflexologist through the American Reflexology Certification Board in 2006 and soon realized she had found her passion in life. After 30 years in the child welfare field she found a way to have a positive effect on every person who gets a session.

But as a life long student Becky has found ways to enhance the reflexology. She incorporates crystals, essential oils and tuning forks into the session. And in 2010 she began studying Matrix Energetics with Richard Bartlett and she became a certified toe reader.


About the name Balance and Harmony


Balance is about being in the flow with your life.  Sometimes we spend more time at work and other times our families take priority.  Sometimes we eat healthy and others times we do not.  Sometimes we exercise to excess and other days we are couch potatoes.  Balance is flowing though each day, dealing with the challenges and joys that are presented by focusing on the present.  Balance is noticing what emotions we are experiencing, taking any needed actions, expressing our emotions in ways that are healthy for us and those around us, digesting and releasing them.  We are not in balance when we stuff the emotions deep within us and allow them to disrupt the internal workings of our bodies. Balance is coming back to the middle between any polar opposites.  It is about balancing our emotions, thoughts and behaviors so we can live joyful, healthy, spirit filled lives every day.


Harmony is the music of our lives.  When we are in Balance our lives are a beautifully woven tapestry of sound and dance.  Out of Balance, our lives are a mix of discordant sounds that effect our emotions, and every organ, tissue and cell in our body.

Harmony is different for each person.  It may be classical, jazzy, spiritual or down-home country.  Each one of us is an individual symphony of moving atoms and molecules that create the vibrations of our lives.  Harmony is the ability to hear, see, feel and taste that vibration, to know when our life is vibrating to health and joy or vibrating to stress or even disease.

Balance and Harmony are yin and yang in perfect order.  Dark flows into light and light flows into dark.  Our lives flow like water sometimes bubbling, sometimes raging and sometimes very still, creating mandala-like frequency patterns that define who we are.

How Do I Schedule a Session with Becky?

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