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Reflexology is More Than a Foot Massage

It's just as relaxing as one, but it offers more benefits especially if you have chronic health issues. Reflexology can help with:
• Overall relaxation
• Stress reduction
• Circulation issues
• Cleansing of stored toxins
• Pain reduction
• Digestive disorders
And more

How Do I Get Healthier?

The body is amazing in its ability to self heal if it is provided with the right ingredients. Those ingredients include healthy food, exercise, rest, clean air and water, detoxification and stress reduction. Our goal is to help you and your body heal itself.

Who Gets Reflexology?

People who:
• Range in age from 20s to 80s
• Are looking for relaxation
• Have chronic health issues
• Don't like getting undressed for massages
• Understand the health benefits
• Want to improve their health

Learn more about Reflexology, what a session entails, and the benefits it offers.

Why Balance and Harmony?

Each session is unique to you. A range of healing tools from reiki to essential oils to vibrational healing are part of the basics (and offered as stand alone sessions). We treat you with compassion, care and integrity because we are honored that you would select us to be of service to you.

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