Tibetan Bowl Meditations

New Location: Join Us at The Yoga Projekt in 2021

Tibetan Bowl meditations are offered on the second Friday alternating months with gong meditations at The Yoga Projekt.

  • (New time!) 2nd Friday, 7 pm (lasts about an hour)
  • Cost is $15. Bring mats, blankets, pillows or whatever you need to be comfortable on the floor. Chairs are also available.
  • The Yoga Projekt is located at Heritage Square, 4450 N Prospect Rd, Suite S 10 (upstairs, there is an elevator), Peoria Heights, 309-429-6520

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Why Tibetan Bowl Meditations?

Tibetian singing bowl sound healing meditationsWhat does the sound from the bowls actually do? It aligns your physical, emotional, and spiritual energies.

What is the difference between old and new Himalayan (Tibetan) Singing Bowls and crystal bowls?

Ancient singing bowls come from different areas in the Himalayan mountain range, such as Tibet, Bhutan and Nepal,and many of them have been dated back hundreds of years. The antique bowls were made from a consecrated 7 metal alloy while prayers and mantras were chanted during the process. New bowls are usually made from three metals and may be made by machines instead of hand hammered. Becky has a combination of antique bowls as well as newer bowls, but each was selected for the sound it projects. Crystal bowls are produced to create a particular note, often that corresponds to one of chakras. The original Tibetan bowls do not correspond to a particular note and often produce a range of sounds that may cover a complete octave.

Himalayan bowls work via vibrations that effect all levels (spiritual, physical and emotional) and the bowls treat the whole being rather than just one energy center or part of the body. Many people report that in addition to pain relief, they feel a deeper sense of happiness and well-being.

2021 Sound Meditations in Peoria, Illinois at The Yoga Projekt

  • January 8 Tibetan Bowls
  • February 12 Gongs
  • March 12 Tibetan Bowls
  • April 9 Gongs
  • May 14 Tibetan Bowls
  • June 11 Gongs
  • July 9 Tibetan Bowls
  • August 13 Gongs
  • September 10 Tibetan Bowls
  • October 8 Gongs
  • November 12 Tibetan Bowls
  • December 10 Gongs

Becky hosts sound meditations every second Friday at the Yoga Projekt alternating between the Tibetan Bowls and gong.

Other locations

Peoria Himalayan Salt Cave sessions will resume when Covid restrictions are lifted

Crafty Eclectic in Peru, Illinois: Tentatively January 28th at 5:30, and session will be virtual

Watch for more details to come

About Balance and Harmony

Becky Cobb is a certified reflexologist and vibrational energy worker. She combines sound, oils, flower essences, and crystals with her body work allowing your body to align to higher vibrations and self healing. Her current focus is on how emotions and stress interfere with our ability to be happy and healthy. She has developed a series of classes using her years of experience in counseling, studying health with vibrational healing to help you unwind and release emotions that have been trapped in your body.