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Becky’s First book, Crystal Love Notes is now available. [insert blurb here about being a book for helping yourself]

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Crystal Love Notes (Paperback)

Crystal Love Notes Book

Crystal Love Notes contains messages from 22 gemstones that are nurturing, loving, and encouraging. Each love note has a different personality based on the characteristics of the particular gemstone but all the messages help you feel good about yourself and your life.

It is also a self-help book. Many of the messages contain questions that can help you on your path to a richer, more fulfilling life. Whether or not you answer the questions or work on the issues presented, is up to you. You are still loved. You are still amazing. You are still a shining gemstone in your own right.


Crystal Love Note Stones

crystal love notes set of stones

Crystal Love Notes are personal messages from 22 gemstones that will lift your spirits, strengthen your inner core, and let you know that gemstones and Mother Earth love you. The book was designed to be used with a companion bag of stones. Each day, or as you feel the need, a stone is pulled from the bag, and the love note from that stone is read.

The stones have been cleansed and energized with reiki, sound, prayers, and angel symbols. Each stone is labeled individually.


Crystal Love Notes Oracle Cards

Crystal Cards
This card deck can be a companion to the book Crystal Love Notes or can be used separately. The deck of cards contains a booklet with the messages from 22 gemstones. These are messages of love, support and encouragement. Gemstones are a gift to us from Mother Earth and they carry her love for us. The cards can be drawn daily or as needed to support you on your journey.


Crystal Love Notes (ebook)

Crystal Love Notes Kindle ebook

COMING SOON to Amazon.

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