Reflexology Works :: Two Mini Success Stories

Here’s a couple quotes from 2 reflexology clients who now say “I am a believer in reflxology”

 “I ran 6 miles this morning. Still some pain, but ankle seems way better. (I didn’t run yesterday, so the rest probably helped.) I am a believer in reflexology!

“I didn’t even know I was feeling bad until whatever Becky did to my toe and I literally felt like an percocet was kicking in. I didn’t even know I had a headache.” A.P.


“I cannot believe it. I just wore my daughter in a carrier for almost 4 hours. No pain. Plus walking to and from car, going up and down stairs and swaying back and forth to keep her asleep. Reflexology works! I’m a believer. Any of these by themselves would have caused me pain before and I’ve never worn her for more than 45 min at a time. Unbelievable.” N.C.


About Balance and Harmony

Becky Cobb is a certified reflexologist and vibrational energy worker. She combines sound, oils, flower essences, and crystals with her body work allowing your body to align to higher vibrations and self healing. Her current focus is on how emotions and stress interfere with our ability to be happy and healthy. She has developed a series of classes using her years of experience in counseling, studying health with vibrational healing to help you unwind and release emotions that have been trapped in your body.