Gemstone Reflexology

Experience all the benefits of reflexology with the benefits of crystal therapy. Crystals and gemstones are effective healing tools based on their color, mineral content, and crystalline structure. Much has been written about color therapy and how red can increase circulation, orange is joyful, and blue is calming, so stones might be selected for you based on their color.

Each stone has a specific chemical makeup based on the minerals found in the stone. Stones containing calcium such as calcite are good for bones and structure. Stones like hematite contain iron and are good for the blood.

Crystals have a hexagonal structure similar to cells in our blood and bones which helps to explain the universal attraction of crystals.

Colors and minerals have vibrations and these vibrations stimulate our own bodies to vibrate at higher levels. The higher the level of vibration in the body, the healthier the body is. This is the process of entrainment.

Various shaped stones such as wands, palm stones, or spheres and types of stones are used during Gemstone Reflexology to help alleviate pain, reduce stress, and to trigger the body’s self healing energies.

How Do I Schedule a Session?

Check out the Balance and Harmony services page for pricing and details on scheduling your appointment.