Gongs and Gong Baths

The sound of the gong:Gong used for vibrational healing with Balance and Harmony (Becky Cobb)

  • Stimulates circulation and the flow of energy in the body
  • Reduces stress and tension
  • Transmutes negativity
  • Helps rid the body of disease
  • Generates happiness and strength

The gong is unlike other musical instruments in how it behaves and interacts with the listener.

The gong is more wave like than other instruments. It re-sounds producing overtones and more complex sounds and overtones. Each individual hears different sounds such as bells, harps, dolphins and even chanting.

According to Diane Mandel “gongs are the concrete, physical manifestations of the sound of the souls of the great universal religions. These sound waves are almost tangible to the touch which stimulates the physical body by influencing the surface of the skin. The sonic touch of the gong can be a healing touch as the sound stimulates the body’s dermatomes.

Dermatomes are surface areas of the skin extending from the spine throughout the body. Through a network of nerves, these skin areas are connected to different organs in the body and with corresponding segments of the spinal cord. These skin areas can be stimulated by sound waves, much like a massage, and produce effects on corresponding organs and other areas of the body.”

The  gong is a therapeutic instrument.  It creates a space for self healing and inner introspection. All healing journeys can be enhanced by gong therapy which can:

  • Awaken intuition
  • Clear the past
  • Balance the emotions
  • Align the chakras
  • Improve digestion and elimination

People who have a gong therapy session talk about experiencing waves of emotion and awareness of certain parts of the body.

“Gong therapy is bathing in total sound vibrations. In other words, the sound erases all other sounds around you and you are just in this ocean of rolling waves and layers and layers of tones. And the tones go right through the body. They affect you on a mental level, an emotional level, a spiritual level and they cleanse you as they form a purification, which just washes away any worries or cares, and often obstacles that stand in your way of clarity and creativity.”

“We call it the Music of Wholeness, whereas a lot of modalities read your symptoms and approach the body according to your illness, holistic sound healing works differently from that. What we do is approach the body as if it were already whole and complete, then we fill that body with vibrations that emphasize wholeness and resonance, and whatever the problem, the sound will go to that place that needs it and the body will pull it in and the cells will begin to regain their highest potential of resonance, or if you want to call it a feeling of love and completeness.”

—Don Conreaux

How Do I Schedule a Session?

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