Toe Readings

You may think you inherited your feet from your parents or blame your shoes, but your toes tell the story of your life. From your destiny toe to your trust toe, each toe tells a chapter from your life about how you relate to the world around you to your inner feelings about yourself.

Thought patterns have a direct impact on the toes. The stature of the toes determines the degree of confidence in standing up and facing the world. Pliable, flexible toes share ideas and concepts with ease. Rigid toes lack faith in themselves.

Becky Cobb pointing out features during toe reading (Balance and Harmony, Peoria, IL)The right foot describes how you relate to the world while your left foot describes how you feel about yourself. Each toe relates to a particular element according to Ayurvedic tradition. The big toe is the ether toe or toe of destiny. The second toe relates to air and communications. The middle toe represents the element of fire. The fourth toe represents water and relationships while earth rules the little toe.

In a half hour session the story of your life according to your toes will be related. This is not a psychic reading, but more like following the journey of your emotional life through the map presented by your feet. In an hour session, various forms of energy healing are used to help release old emotional issues. In one session a lady was able to release a blockage in her communication toe, represented by a lump on the bottom of the toe, that had affected her since childhood.

Individuals who have received toe readings are amazed by what their toes say about them and the accuracy of what is related.

How Do I Schedule a Session?

Check out the Balance and Harmony services page for pricing and details on scheduling your appointment.

Want to do something different with your girlfriends? How about a toe reading party? Sessions are done in private while your friends are socializing. $20 per person for 20 minutes. Limit 9 individuals. Additional costs for travel may apply depending on location outside the Peoria area.