Wow! As soon as I started taking the flower essences Becky made for me, I started feeling better.


I have been seeing Becky for a couple months for reflexology, as I have MS and fibromyalgia. She has helped me so much. I have been going to her Chakra classes learning about all the different crystals and how they can help with healing and relaxing. I had told Becky that I have been having […]

R. L. (nurse)

After my first session I went home and sat in a chair and feel asleep for three hours, I was so relaxed.  My feet felt so clean and new, almost like I had a transplant and got new feet.


Several years ago I injured my right hand when I struck a tree root full force as I was hitting a golf ball.  I didn’t see the root hidden under the tree.  Much pain which continued for a few years.  I mentioned it off handedly to Becky when I saw her for a reflexology session […]


Becky has been performing her reflexology magic on me for many years now.  I love it!  She is not only technically talented, but has that special something where you feel her intuitive attention throughout the session.  I love to simply relax into the session in silence gently attentive to every feeling during the session.  Wonderful!


I have been going to Becky for years now and thoroughly enjoy all of her services. She has so many skills and offerings to choose from. My personal favorites are reiki, reflexology and gong baths. No matter what I choose I always leave feeling balanced, relaxed and happy. Becky is a Peoria gem!


Reflexology always seems to get things moving in the bowel and bladder area for me. There’s no doubt Becky is working stuff, but it’s definitely noticeable when I’m constipated lol. Reflexology works!  


I didn’t even know I was feeling bad until whatever Becky did to my toe and I literally felt like a percocet was kicking in. I didn’t even know I had a headache.


I cannot believe it. I just wore my daughter in a baby carrier for almost 4 hours. No pain. Plus walking to and from car, going up and down stairs and swaying back and forth to keep her asleep. Reflexology works! I’m a believer. Any of these by themselves would have caused me pain before […]


I ran 6 miles this morning. Still some pain, but ankle seems way better. (I didn’t run yesterday, so the rest probably helped.) I am a believer in reflexology!