Chakra Series

Becky Cobb is leading a monthly chakra class at both Nature Haven in Peoria and Inner Wisdom in Galesburg.

*Crystals and Chakras: Heart Chakra*
Nature Haven, 7012 N. University, Peoria
January 10, 6:30 pm
Second Thursdays of each month
Bring a chair or seating on floor available

*Chakra Cycles: Solar Plexus Chakra*
Inner Wisdom, 44 Seminary Street, Galesburg
January 17, 5:30 pm
Third Thursdays of each month

About Balance and Harmony

Becky Cobb is a certified reflexologist and vibrational energy worker. She combines sound, oils, flower essences, and crystals with her body work allowing your body to align to higher vibrations and self healing. Her current focus is on how emotions and stress interfere with our ability to be happy and healthy. She has developed a series of classes using her years of experience in counseling, studying health with vibrational healing to help you unwind and release emotions that have been trapped in your body.


  1. I have been seeing Becky for a couple months for reflexology, as I have MS and fibromyalgia. She has helped me so much. I have been going to her Chakra classes learning about all the different crystals and how they can help with healing and relaxing. I had told Becky that I have been having trouble sleeping (lots of pain from the MS & fibro) even with a mild sleeping aid. She suggested I try crystals to help aid in sleeping. In the past week I have slept better then ever and wake refreshed!! I highly recommend talking with Becky if you are having problems sleeping I think you will be amazed and how she can help! With Becky’s help I am finally starting to feel good again (pain has eased and sleep is great)!!! She knows her stuff and it works! Kim