Living in Balance and Harmony

Want to feel healthier? Is stress an issue in your life? Having trouble losing weight? This 8-week course offers you a variety of resources to reduce stress in your life and release old emotions that are “weighing” you down. The course will cover positive self talk affirmations EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) sacred space nutrition conscious […]

Chakra Series

Becky Cobb is leading a monthly chakra class at both Nature Haven in Peoria and Inner Wisdom in Galesburg. *Crystals and Chakras: Heart Chakra* Nature Haven, 7012 N. University, Peoria January 10, 6:30 pm Second Thursdays of each month $10.00/class Bring a chair or seating on floor available *Chakra Cycles: Solar Plexus Chakra* Inner Wisdom, […]

Jin Shin Jyutsu is Now Available

Becky Cobb, certified reflexologist and owner of Balance and Harmony, has spent the last few months training with Ro Rinderknecht, BFRP,LMT, NCTMB to become a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner. Becky is now accepting clients interested in Jin Shin Jyutsu as a new addition to her other services. It works as a preventative health option helping […]

Bach Flower Essence Consultations Are Now Available

Bach Flower remedies are a holistic approach because they work by treating the individual instead of specific diseases or symptoms. The remedies are focused on the person’s emotional state and encouraging the individual’s own self-healing and stress reduction

Reflexology Works :: Two Mini Success Stories

Here’s a couple quotes from 2 reflexology clients who now say “I am a believer in reflxology”  “I ran 6 miles this morning. Still some pain, but ankle seems way better. (I didn’t run yesterday, so the rest probably helped.) I am a believer in reflexology! “I didn’t even know I was feeling bad until […]

Fall 2012 Classes

Contact Becky to register for any of these classes. She is the instructor for all of them except the Flower Essence class. 692-7834 *Chakra Cycles* Inner Wisdom, 44 Seminary Street, Galesburg September 20th, 5:30 pm Third Thursdays of each month $20.00/class *Crystals and Chakras* Nature Haven, 7012 N. University, Peoria October 11th, 6:30 pm Second […]

Reflexology Heels Soles